1 lb. Kahlua and Cream

Love the flavors of crème and luscious Kahlua liqueur? Then Dr. Conkey’s has just the perfect coffee for you! Kahlua & Crème coffee is another consistent customer favorite that has become a staple of coffee lovers everywhere. Balanced by the rich lusciousness of the flavor of Kahlua coffee liqueur.

The aroma of the beans or the universal grind will excite your senses and leave you eagerly awaiting your first cup of the day. The version of this wonderful coffee flavor is sure to become a favorite way to unwind during the evening after a hard day.

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Outdoor coffee warms  you up

Dr. Conkey's Coffee


Dr. Conkey's carries a wide variety of Gourmet Coffee Beans, Unique Gifts, Old Fashioned Candies and Sodas and was the first Espresso Bar in Simi Valley.  An experience seldom found anymore combining a Coffee house with Candy.