1 lb. Creme Brûlée

Imagine the warm toasty caramel glaze cracking against each bite as you savor the rich cool custard melting against your tongue. This elegant way to end your evening is instilled in our delectable coffee blend of Creme Bruleé flavored coffee.

Creme Bruleé is a custard based dessert that is usually topped with a layer of caramelized sugar hardened by a source of extreme heat. This desert is so delicious that Spain, France, and England have laid claims to its origin. But no matter who thought of it first, this desert should be on everyone's list to try. So reputable for its contrast in textures with hardened caramel and soft creamy custard, that many cook books and websites have made Creme Bruleé recipes readily available to all.

Now you can skip the hassle of learning how to cook and simply brew a pot of our Creme Bruleé flavored coffee. Simple, elegant and exceptional, this creamy coffee blend will sure to enhance your evening and at the end of every meal.

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Dr. Conkey's carries a wide variety of Gourmet Coffee Beans, Unique Gifts, Old Fashioned Candies and Sodas and was the first Espresso Bar in Simi Valley.  An experience seldom found anymore combining a Coffee house with Candy.