1 lb. Conkey Brooney

Conkey Brooney is a wonderful way to celebrate your day with your friends and family, which is a unique combination of warm spices and creamy fudge, making it a one-of-a-kind concoction.

Whether you are just crawling out of bed or sitting out on your front porch enjoying a nice summer breeze in the evening, this perfect blend of light and dark roasts give a consistently excellent cup of coffee that is never bitter, always fragrant, and wonderfully refreshing.

The last sip will taste as fresh as the first one. The finish has a subtle sweetness that leaves a smooth and hearty after taste that will have you going for another cup.

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Outdoor coffee warms  you up

Dr. Conkey's Coffee


Dr. Conkey's carries a wide variety of Gourmet Coffee Beans, Unique Gifts, Old Fashioned Candies and Sodas and was the first Espresso Bar in Simi Valley.  An experience seldom found anymore combining a Coffee house with Candy.