1 lb. MochaDoodle

This delectable coffee blends both the warm, nutty flavor of hazelnuts and the luscious, creamy taste of milk chocolate with a hint of cinnamon in such a way that would make hazelnut nuts, chocoholics, and coffee lovers all happy.

A blend of the smooth, non-bitter roast of premium Mochadoodle coffee, along with all natural, sweet and hearty hazelnut and smooth, creamy, cocoa; this is a coffee that is great for early mornings. It is perfect to help get your day going or for just kicking back and taking an afternoon stress break from the hustle and bustle of your workday.

This tempting Mochadoodle selection is hard to find at the supermarkets, but you can find the flavors of this delectable treat right here at Dr. Conkey’s Coffee with the simple click of a button.

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