Dr Conkey's Christmas Blend Coffee - One of a kind

Dr Conkeys christmas blend coffee Dr. Conkey's Christmas Blend Coffee is a long guarded secret recipe that is only available November 1st till December 24th each year.  This flavored blend is made in the store daily and we can only hint as to some of the goodness.  Having a Cinnamon flavor married with other traditional holiday spices not only rewards your taste buds, but also makes your home smell incredibly festive for the holidays.  A pot of Christmas Blend brewing with a fire in the fireplace makes for a cozy comfortable holiday atmosphere.  

The demand for this blend is very high and the last two years we sold out a few days before Christmas, so please be sure you get your order in early.

Many coffee houses offer a Holiday or Christmas blend.  Most of those blends are just a mixture of origin coffees.  Dr. Conkey's Christmas Blend differs in that it is a true flavored blend to match the mood of the Christmas Season.